String Break Bluegrass


Dave Hanks: Mandolin, lead and tenor vocal

Dave has been on stage since kindergarden, much to his teacher's and parent's dismay.  Singing with his siblings and in school and church choirs has been a large part of his music backround.  He was  'turned on' to bluegrass by a Down from the Mountain  concert in 2000.  Dave met Joe, Duncan and Gary at the Carltone Music Marin bluegrass jam, and Mike at a jam at Gary's house. String Break has grown from these friendships.  Jesse McReynolds and Frank Wakefield are his favorite mandolin players. 

Bruce Thompson : banjo, lead, tenor and baritone vocals

Bruce is a native Californian from a musical family. He got hooked on bluegrass and old time music during the 1960’s folk music revival. He has played banjo and guitar off and on since high school and participated in high school, college, and church choirs. He plays both bluegrass and old-time styles on the banjo, and likes to restore old banjos.

Mike Staninec: Guitar, lead and baritone vocal

Mike has loved bluegrass and old-time music since his high school days and in the last few years has been an active performer with the Atlas Cafe house band. Some of his favorites are Doc Watson, Delmore Brothers, Reno and Smiley and of course, Bill Monroe.


Duncan Draper: Bass

Duncan pursues many genres of music as a drummer and Hammond organ/piano /accordion player: jazz, folk, country, and Brazilian percussion. He works as a multi instrumental accompanist and composer for dance companies and schools, and has created music for independent films. Duncan hails from new England originally and has long been a huge fan of folk music, bluegrass and Americana. He figured he might get to play some if he took up an instrument that was unwieldy but definitely necessary; a good choice unlike the accordion and perhaps the sousaphone, which are still waiting for unconditional acceptance in traditional bluegrass circles. He very much enjoys playing with these folks.

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Dane Miller: Fiddle, vocals

No need for the third person here; you all know who's writing this thing.  I was lured away from classical violin by the rhythmic and haunting sounds of Appalachian fiddle tunes and ballads.  Influenced by the tutelage and hospitality of North Carolina native Sheila Kay Adams, I started listening with a fever to the "modern old-time" fiddlers Bruce Molsky, Rayna Gellert, and Rhys Jones.  I started playing Bluegrass after moving to the Bay Area several years ago, and I still attempt to keep up with both Bluegrass and Old-Time -- two wonderfully different styles of acoustic music.


Ted Garber: dobro, vocals

Ted has been playing dobro in the Bay Area for a number of years and has been a member of several bands. He is also a popular guest with local bands because of his solid skills, great tenor and lead singing, and ability to fit in quickly. He plays with String Break when he is in town.



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